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Prof. Krebs will deliver the 43rd Skotheim Lecture in History at Whitman College on: Caesar 2.0. Enlivening Caesar and his Gallic War

Apr 21 2014

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The 43rd Sivert O. and Marjorie Allen Skotheim Lecture in History by Christopher B. Krebs, Associate Professor of Classics, Stanford University.

April 24, 2014
7pm in Maxey Auditorium at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA
Reception to follow

Julius Caesar, the man of letters, has long stood forgotten in the shadow of the general, politician, and historian. His Gallic War, reduced to a Latin textbook of drab military history, has yet to receive the fresh reading warranted by both the paradigmatic shift in the study of ancient historians (as aspirants to literature rather than truth) and the increase of material evidence. But the man of letters can be recovered; and his Gallic War can come alive. Caesar 2.0 draws out the speaker, linguist, and littérateur from the Gallic War as a literary text; and it uses material evidence and recent information technologies to enliven the Roman and Celtic realities that provided its setting.