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Sep 23 2014 | National Geographic
Adrienne Mayor was quoted in a recent National Geographic article detailing her work on the historicity of Amazon warriors. Professor Mayor is the lead author of a forthcoming article in Hesperia that investigates the languages of the ancient Scythian nomads, a Black Sea tribe that is the...
From Professor Good's obituary in the Mercury News: "Edwin M. (Ted) Good was born in French Cameroun, Africa. Dr. Good was a professor of religious studies at Stanford University (1956-91,) a Hebrew scholar, and a piano historian. He published six books and many articles on these subjects. After...
Jul 15 2014
Ian Morris received an honorary doctorate from the University of Birmingham this year. He received his B.A. from Birmingham in 1981.  Professor Morris's acceptance speech may be viewed by clicking on the link below. 
Jul 14 2014 | Washington Post
Features a map by Elijah Meeks, digital humanities specialist, and Walter Scheidel, professor of history and of classics, showing how long it would have to travel around the Roman empire and how much the trips would have cost, on average and according to simulations based on historical evidence.
Jul 10 2014 | Stanford Report
Michael Wigodsky 1935 - 2014 Emeritus Professor Michael Wigodsky died on 9th May, two weeks before his 79th birthday. For several years he had been suffering from cancer, though he did not let this affect his helpfulness to his late colleague Ned Spofford in his infirmity, and he bore his...