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Andrea Nightingale

Andrea Nightingale

Professor of Classics

Andrea Nightingale has worked primarily on Greek and Roman philosophy and literature.  She has also written on the philosophy and literature of ecology (in the modern and postmodern periods).  She has been awarded a fellowship at the Stanford Humanities Center, an ACLS Fellowship, and a Guggenheim Fellowship.  She is a Harvard Senior Fellow for the Hellenic Center (2010-2014).  Her publications include Genres in Dialogue:  Plato and the Construct of Philosophy (Cambridge University Press); Spectacles of Truth:  Theoria in its Cultural Context (Cambridge University Press); and  Once out of Nature:  Augustine on Time and the Body (University of Chicago Press).  She has also co-edited (with David Sedley) Ancient Models of Mind:  Studies in Human and Divine Rationality (Cambridge University Press).   She has done \hourlong shows on Robert Harrison's radio show, "Entitled Opinions," on Epicurus, Plato, Melville's Moby Dick, A. J. Baker's The Peregrine, and Thoreau's Walden.  She is presently writing a book entitled Eros and Epiphany:  Plato on the Soul's Ascent to Divine Beings.


May 2011
Once Out of Nature offers an original interpretation of Augustine’s theory of time and embodiment. Andrea Nightingale draws on philosophy, sociology...
December 2010
From Cambridge University Press:
"How does god think? How, ideally, does a human mind function? Must a gap remain between these two paradigms of...
September 2004
In fourth-century Greece (BCE), the debate over the nature of philosophy generated a novel claim: that the highest form of wisdom is theoria, the...
December 1995
This 1995 book takes as its starting point Plato's incorporation of specific genres of poetry and rhetoric into his dialogues. The author argues that...