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Richard P. Martin

Richard P. Martin

Antony and Isabelle Raubitschek Professor in Classics
A.B. Harvard 1976 (Classics and Celtic)
Ph.D. Harvard 1981 (Classical Philology)

Before becoming Antony and Isabelle Raubitschek Professor at Stanford in 2000, Professor Martin taught Classics for eighteen years at Princeton University. He is working on several books, concerning Homeric religion; Old Comedy; and ancient poetry in performance. He interprets Greek poetry in the light of performance traditions and social practices. His primary interests are in Homeric epic, Greek comedy, mythology, and ancient religion. His research is informed by comparative evidence ranging from fieldwork on oral traditions in contemporary Crete to studies in medieval Irish literature.

Among his major publications are Healing, Sacrifice, and Battle: Amechania and Related Concepts in Early Greek Poetry (1983) and The Language of Heroes: Speech and Performance in the Iliad (1989). He has also published books for general audiences (Classical Mythology: The Basics, 2016; Myths of the Ancient Greeks, 2003; Bulfinch's Mythology, edit. 1991) and a number of articles on Greek, Latin, and Irish literature.

For further work in press: see Princeton-Stanford Working Papers
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October 2020

Building on numerous original close readings of works by Homer, Hesiod, and other ancient Greek poets, Richard P. Martin articulates a broad and...
March 2018

Building on numerous original close readings of works by Homer, Hesiod, and other ancient Greek poets, Richard P. Martin articulates a broad and...
March 2017
Authorship and Greek Song is a collection of papers dealing with various aspects of authorship in the song culture of Ancient Greece. In this...
December 2016
From the publisher:
This is an engaging introduction which explores the latest thinking about Classical mythology, the history of interpreting myths...
March 2016
Richard P. Martin, " Greek myths at Dion: divine family in the human landscape," in the volume Gods and Mortals at Olympus: Ancient Dion, City of...
January 2015
Edited by C. Fernández, J. T. Nápoli, and G. Zecchin de Fasano. La Plata, Argentina (pp. 239-58).
Richard P. Martin, translated by Richmond Lattimore
October 2011
This long-awaited new edition of Lattimore's Iliad is designed to bring the book into the twenty-first century—while leaving the poem as firmly...
Richard P. Martin, Ulle Jalle (translator)
March 2007
Reverend Richard P. Martin teaches Greek and Roman literature at Stanford University, where he chairs the ancient Greek and ancient Roman literature...
Richard P. Martin, Translated by Edward McCrorie
November 2005
Homer's Odyssey, at once an exciting epic of strife and subterfuge and a deeply felt tale of love and devotion, stands at the very beginning of the...
April 2003
Presented in simple, yet flowing prose, Richard P. Martin delivers an accessible interpretation of the Greek myths for today's readers. Relive the...
Richard P. Martin, Paul Muldoon (translators)
August 1999
After Aristophanestrue to the formal conventions and the spirit of Aristophanes’ comedy of 414 BC, Paul Muldoon loads his latest translation...
January 1992
Drawing on recent studies in ethnography and sociolinguistics, Richard Martin here sets forth a poetics of Homeric speeches, which he sees not merely...
December 1991
A beautiful gift edition of Thomas Bulfinch's classic retelling of famous myths and folk legends, with interpretive essays by Princeton classics...