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Rush Rehm

Photo of Professor Rush Rehm

Rush Rehm

Professor of Theater & Performing Studies and of Classics

An actor, director, and professor of Theater & Performance Studies and Classics, Rush Rehm publishes in the areas of Greek tragedy and contemporary politics. He also serves as Artistic Director of Stanford Repertory Theater, a professional theater that presents a dramatic festival and symposium based on a major playwright each summer.


July 2016
Understanding Greek Tragic Theatre, a revised edition of Greek Tragic Theatre(1992), is intended for those interested in how Greek tragedy...
June 2013
Why should Greek tragedy matter now? This book opens a dialogue between the tragic theatre in ancient Athens and the multiple performances of the...
Rush Rehm, R.C. Jebb
January 2004
Introduction written by Stanford's Rush Rehm.
This is one of the seven plays of...
January 2002
Is "space" a thing, a container, an abstraction, a metaphor, or a social construct? This much is certain: space is part and parcel of the theater, of...
January 1994
The link between weddings and death--as found in dramas ranging from Romeo and Juliet to Lorca's Blood Wedding--plays a central role in the action of...
January 1992
Greek Tragic Theatre is an illuminating account of how Greek tragedy worked. By analyzing how the plays were realized in performance, Rush Rehm aims...