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Grant Parker

Grant Parker

Associate Professor of Classics

Grant Parker joined Stanford from Duke University in 2006. He teaches mostly Latin, as well as topics linked to the exotic and geographic elements of Roman imperial culture. His book, The Making of Roman India, was published in 2008, while new projects have addressed ancient travel literature as well as Rome's Egyptian obelisks. His interest in classical reception is reflected in his 2001 book, The Agony of Asar (critical edition of a former slave's defense of slavery, written in Latin [Leiden 1742]).


August 2017
How have ancient Greece and Rome intersected with South African histories? This book canvasses architecture, literature, visual arts and historical...
Grant Parker, James Osborne
November 2014
Monumentality is a human phenomenon that has occurred in nearly all times and places. Because of its ubiquity, monumentality is something that has...
Grant Parker, Laura Jansen
May 2014
What is a paratext, and where can we find it in a Roman text? What kind of space does a paratext occupy, and how does this space relate to the text...
June 2008
Latin and especially Greek texts of the imperial period contain a wealth of references to ‘India’. Professor Parker offers a survey of such texts,...
February 2008
From University of Michigan Press:
"Drawn from a variety of academic disciplines and perspectives, this volume approaches ancient India both...