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HISTOS The On-line Journal of Ancient Historiography

From "About HISTOS":

The brief of HISTOS is rapid publication of high-quality articles and notes on all aspects of ancient historiography and biography (including Jewish historiography, the Gospels and later Christian material) and of in-depth reviews of recent publications in the field. It is not our intention to publish material which is per se historical, unless it illuminates the qualities of ancient historians or biographers (this will be a matter of balance and judgment). All submissions will be anonymously refereed by experts. We aim for a turn-around time of a maximum of three months. We will publish in English, French, German and Italian.

HISTOS is available online, in a full open-access version (in PDF form). Readers' responses are welcomed.

On January 1st, Christopher Krebs of Stanford University became co-editor of HISTOS, and the American branch moved to Stanford. The UK branch is located at the University of Newcastle, under the editorship of John Moles.